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What kind of parachute - braking system is used in the Su-27 fighter?

Fighter Su-27 - military equipment, designed for long-range and close air combat. In addition, the fourth generation multipurpose all-weather supersonic heavy fighter is used to intercept and destroy manned and unmanned aircraft over its territory and to support the actions of the fleet forces at a distance of 300-400 km from the coastline.

Also, in these fighter models, a sufficiently wide inner tunnel is created for the lower weapon suspension; between the engines there is a beam with a brake parachute container, namely the parachute-braking system PTK-10SK - designed to reduce the mileage of the Su-27 after landing.

By the way, the supplied parachute braking system PTK-10SK from Argun Kazakhstan will correspond to category 1 and will be supplied complete with operational documentation:

- passport - 1 pc. for 1 set;
- blank passport - 1 unit. for 10 sets;
- technical description and operating instructions - 1 unit. for 10 sets.

The parachute braking system PTK-10SK will be supplied in original packaging, the quality of the parachute system will meet the requirements of the technical specifications.
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