PTK-10SK Parachute-brake landing system

PTK-10SK Parachute braking system is designed to reduce the mileage of the Su-27 after landing.

Requirements for the parachute braking system PTK-10SK

The supplied parachute braking system PTK-10SK will correspond to category 1 and will be supplied complete with operational documentation:

- passport - 1 pc. for 1 set;
- blank passport - 1 pc. for 10 sets;
- technical description and operating instructions - 1 pc. for 10 sets.

The PTK-10SK parachute braking system will be supplied in original packaging, the quality of the parachute system will meet the requirements of the technical specifications.

The company employs highly qualified specialists who have been trained abroad. The production facilities allow producing up to 300 parachute braking systems per year.

Possessing all the necessary equipment and resources, the «Argun» company successfully fulfills the orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also ships PBS for export.
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