PTK-25 Parachute-brake landing system

PTK-25 Parachute braking system is designed to reduce the mileage of the Su-25 after landing.

Requirements for the parachute-braking system PTK-25

The supplied PTK-25 system will meet the following requirements:

- ensure reliable operation at landing speeds from 180 to 230 km / h;
- the length of the aircraft run with an aircraft landing weight of 8800 kg when the system is put into operation at an aircraft speed of 200 km / h at the moment the main wheels touch the runway - 630 m;
- maximum operational load arising when filling parachutes (2x13m²):
- at a landing speed of 200 km / h - no more than 3780 kgf; - at a landing speed of 230 km / h - 5030 kgf;
- parachute system PTK-25 is operable under the conditions of operation of the Su-25 aircraft;
- parachute system PTK provides storage at a relative humidity of 30-80% and a temperature range from - 30 0 to + 30 0 С;
- the parachute system of the PTK is transported by any type of transport, at any distance, without limiting the speed and height; - the parachute system of the PTK is convenient for carrying and delivering in a laid state to the Su-25 aircraft;
- connection of the PTC to the Su-25 aircraft is carried out by means of the standard assembly of the Su-25 aircraft;
- the parachute-braking system of the PTC is activated when the parachute container flap is opened;
- the weight of the parachute braking system PTK-25 is not more than 17 kg; - the volume of the parachute braking system PTK-25 in the laid state: 35 dm³;
- laying time of the PTK-25 parachute braking system is not more than 10 minutes.

The company employs highly qualified specialists who have been trained abroad. The production facilities allow producing up to 300 parachute braking systems per year.

Possessing all the necessary equipment and resources, the «Argun» company successfully fulfills the orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also ships PBS for export.
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