About us

We are a manufacturer of irreplaceable parts for military air, armored and land vehicles.
The main directions are: the production of parachute braking systems for front-line aircraft, tank engines, repair kits and high-pressure fuel pumps (HPFP) for armored vehicles.
«Argun» is a manufacturer of:

• Engines of series V-2 (V-46, V-84 V-55 and its modifications), series 20 (UTD-20, UTD-20S1 and its modifications), Kamaz-7403 and its modifications, repair kits and fuel high-pressure pumps (HPP) for various armored vehicles;

• Parachute braking systems for front-line aircraft PTK-10SK for Su-27 / Su-30SM aircraft, PTK-25 for Su-25 aircraft, PTK-29SK for MiG-29 aircraft, PTK-10240-65 series 2 for MiG-31 aircraft;

• Airfield and electric gas equipment: mobile airfield electric unit APA-5DM, unified engine heater UMP-350, gas charging station UGZS-M-KR, unified gas charging station UGZS-M-AR, unified gas charging station UGZS-M-VR, mobile hydraulic unit UPG-300M, etc.
Our achievements
We are making great strides and are always developing! Here are some facts about how we work:
15 years
We started in 2005 and are developing all the time.
1200 units / year
«Argun» company produces so many irreplaceable parts of the military air and ground equipment.
from 2010
We are a permanent participant of the KADEX exhibition in Kazakhstan.
6 exhibitions
Since 2017, we have been presenting our products at international exhibitions in Paris, Dubai, Moscow, Baku, Abidjan.
Licenses and certificates of origin
Argun — Peacekeeper in action!
The production facilities allow for SKD (Semi Knocked Down) assembly of up to 50 machines, over 300 engines, 50 repair kits and 300 high-pressure fuel pumps (HPP), up to 500 parachute braking systems per year.
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