KAMAZ-7403 diesel engine

    The diesel engine KamAZ 7403 with 260 horsepower is an 8-cylinder four-stroke V-shaped unit. It has a standard base, and the plate and the upper part are completely similar to Euro 1 motors.
    The motor has rightfully earned the trust of drivers and specialists working in the field of industry, agriculture, and cargo transportation. It shows its qualities well in conditions of a sharp temperature drop, on rough terrain and off-road.

    Service center
    The enterprise fully complies with the production technology, diagnostics and repair of engines.

    For our partners' convenience, a service center was created for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engines, airfield, electric and gas technology.
    Worldwide shipping
    We can deliver our products anywhere in the world. We deliver on the terms of Incoterms (FCA, EXW, CIP, CPT, DAP, FOB).

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