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Why is the PTK-25 parachute braking system used in the Su-25 attack aircraft?

Su-25 or “T-8” (note by NATO) is a popular attack aircraft, the main purpose of which is direct support of ground forces, regardless of day or night, but with direct line of sight to the target. Also, a feature of this aircraft is the destruction of enemy objects with given coordinates under any weather conditions.

However, what kind of parachute braking system is used in the Su-25?

The Su-25 or (T-8 - NATO) uses the PTK-25 parachute braking system to reduce the length of the landing run after landing the Su-25 by 1.5-2 times. A distinctive feature of this model of the PTK-25 parachute braking system is:

  • reliably put into operation
  • easy to operate
  • increased resource and service life

Note that our company Argun employs highly qualified specialists trained abroad. The production capacity allows us to produce up to 300 parachute braking systems per year. Possessing all the necessary equipment and resources, the Argun company successfully fulfills orders from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as ships (worldwide) PTK for export.

For more information about the models of parachute-braking landing systems, you can familiarize yourself with this link.
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