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How are tank engines produced in Argun Kazakhstan? (video)

The Kazakhstan manufacturer of irreplaceable parts for military, aviation, armored and ground vehicles presents a video tour of the Argun Kazakhstan plant.

The Argun company is a manufacturer of:

  • Tank engines of the V-2 series (V-46, V-84 V-55 and its modifications), series 20 (UTD-20, UTD-20S1 and its modifications), Kamaz-7403 and its modifications, repair kits and fuel pumps of high pressure (TNVD) to various armored vehicles;
  • Parachute-braking systems for front-line aircraft PTK-10SK for Su-27/Su-30SM aircraft, PTK-25 for Su-25 aircraft, PTK-29SK for MiG-29 aircraft, PTK-10240-65 series 2 for MiG- 31;
  • Aerodrome and electric gas equipment: Aerodrome mobile electric unit APA-5DM, Unified motor heater UMP-350, gas charging station UGZS-M-KR, Unified gas charging station UGZS-M-AR, Unified gas charging station UGZS-M-VR, mobile hydraulic unit UPG- 300M and others.

You can get acquainted with the company's products at this link. We deliver tank engines, parachute-braking systems for fighter jets and airfield equipment all over the world. Certification and repair center is also offered.

In addition, we recommend visiting the section of the repair stock, where more than 2000 items are presented. parts to upgrade your military base and keep your country's armed forces safe.
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