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China's futuristic battle tank was shown for the first time

The new tank should be able to better defend against enemy drones and control the drones itself. Photos of this technique appeared in China.

Photos have appeared on Chinese social networks that allegedly show a new type of Chinese battle tank. A smart tank should no longer be designed for classic scenarios (tank-versus-tank combat), but rather deal with the threat posed by drones better than ever before. According to the South China Morning Post, the tank will also be able to control drones for attack purposes.

Externally, the tank looks relatively ordinary. It is operated by two people and has a 105mm main cannon and a machine gun. It will also include X-band radar, anti-aircraft weapons and electronic warfare interfaces.

According to military blogger Lyman2003, the tank will have "multi-platform autonomous collaboration capabilities." The goal of this solution is to control coordinated drone attacks from a vehicle.

Thanks to the ability to actively shoot down and intercept enemy drones, the tank should remain undamaged on the battlefield longer. Current military conflicts show that expensive tanks are sometimes helpless against attacks from cheap, explosive-laden drones. Protective measures often proved insufficient. Therefore, when developing the next generation of tanks, great international importance is attached to the ability to withstand this new type of warfare.
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