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Soviet tank modernized in Ukraine

An updated Soviet tank was spotted during preparations for a military parade in Kiev. This is reported by the blog andrei-bt. The upgraded T-64BM2 battle tank differs from the classic model with an updated engine.

By the way, the battle tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - T-64BM2 is a modernization of the Soviet T-64 tank. The main upgrade of the vehicle was the 6TD-1 tank engine with a capacity of 1000 horsepower. With the new engine, the specific power of the car increased to 22.2 horsepower per ton - instead of 18.9 in the old tank with an engine of 850 horsepower.

To install a new engine, the tank builders had to increase the size of the tank in the stern. It is important to note that the T-64BM2 tank is being updated by the Malyshev Kharkov Plant under the leadership of the Central Armored Directorate of Ukraine.

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