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Media: Production of new tanks stops in Russia due to lack of imported parts

At the Russian Uralvagonzavod, production of new T-72 tanks is halting due to the company's financial problems and the lack of imported components, the main intelligence department of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine reports.

The production of other new equipment is also being stopped, including the T-90 and T-14 (Armata) tanks, the ministry said.

At this stage, Uralvagonzavod created an "operational headquarters", which determined the repair of military equipment damaged in the war with Ukraine as the main direction of work.

The company faced numerous financial problems. An increase in interest rates on loans, a lack of funds to service foreign currency loans, an increase in prices for materials and components (in particular, armored steel) - these and other problems have significantly complicated the production of most types of military equipment.
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