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Tank engine V-6 and its modifications

Tank engine V-6 and its modifications

Main model: V-6
The V-6 is one of the first modifications of tank engines of its family. This engine is equipped with a Kimaf-STZ (MAF) oil filter and an unheated crankcase. It is equipped with a G-731A generator with a power of 1.5 kW with a gear drive and a cam coupling. Until 1955, the fuel pump also had a claw coupling.

V-6PG: This model has a G-74 generator with a power of 3 kW with a mechanical drive. Some versions of the V-6PG used the G-731A generator, and they differed from the V-6 by the presence of a heated crankcase.

V-6PVG: This modification includes a fifth power take-off unit and a G-74 generator. This is an improved version of the V-6PV engine.

V-6R-1 (V-6 M-1) and V-6R: The main differences between these models are the fuel pump and injectors. The B-6R model uses a plunger with a diameter of 12 mm, and the nozzle nozzles have eight holes with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

Thus, the main difference between the B-6 series models is the generator power and its characteristics. There are also differences in fuel pumps and injectors between the V-6R-1 and V-6R modifications.

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