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New generation of AbramsX battle tanks introduced

The American company General Dynamics Land Systems presented new details and capabilities of the AbramsX battle tank, which will receive many innovations, the company's press service reports.

The main battle tank will receive many improvements: a hybrid power plant, lighter weight, fewer crew and a number of other features. Weight reduction is very important as the latest modification of the Abrams SEPv3 weighs over 70 tons. This complicates its rapid transportation and airlift, along with a smaller number of tanks themselves on board. The original Abrams M1 weighed around 60 tons.

The hybrid power plant will have the same range as the M1A2, but will consume half the fuel. The decision to install a hybrid engine is due to the desire of the US army to reduce the impact on the climate and the electrification strategy. Due to this, the operation of the tank will become much quieter, which will make it possible to carry out secretive silent missions on electric traction.

The developers are positioning the AbramsX as a transitional position between the Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 and SEPv4 to the next generation tank. The tank will have autonomous capabilities, which will be implemented through artificial intelligence (AI). It will unite on the battlefield into a single network with other tanks. AbramsX will have increased lethality and survivability on the battlefield. Technology will allow the tank to be used as a drone in entire groups.

Recall that the US Army received the latest modification of the Abrams M1A2 SEPv4 tank, which will undergo various tests there. It can be put into service by 2025.

In June, General Dynamics announced the next generation Abrams tank. The tank will receive a number of improvements, from the turret to a new gun and a hybrid power plant.
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