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Iran introduced his new Karrar combat tank

Iran introduced the new Karrar combat tank during the visit of the supreme judge of Iran Golam-Hossein Mokhseni-Edge to the exhibition of the achievements of the Iranian army.

Karrar combat tank was represented by Iranian military in 2017. As stated, it was created on the basis of the Soviet T-72, the licensed assembly of which was established by Iran in the 1990s, however, in its characteristics, closer to the T-90 tank, which is stated by numerous foreign experts. Despite the similarity with Russian tanks, Iranian TT received the original tower and armor.

Karrar is an Iranian development that used the "most advanced technologies", such as a laser range finder, an electron-optical fire control system, which allows you to hit motionless and moving goals with high efficiency. It is equipped with a 125-mm smoothbore tool capable of using anti-tank missiles. In the tower there is a carousel type loading machine. A remotely controlled combat module with a 7.62 mm machine gun is installed on the tower.

In 2018, the Islamic Revolution Corps announced plans to purchase up to 800 Karrar tanks, in 2020 the tank completed the passage of all necessary tests and was ready to supply to the troops. There is no information about the number of really purchased tanks.
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