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New Bayraktar with Ukrainian engine presented in Turkey

With the Ukrainian engine, the new unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to strike from a height of more than 10,000 meters and reach speeds of up to 900 km per hour.

The Turkish manufacturing company Baykar Makina has introduced a new Bayraktar UAV with an engine manufactured in Zaporozhye (Ukraine). The National Unmanned Combat Air System (MIUS) has been named Kızılelma ("Red Apple"), the Turkish company informs on its Twitter account.

The new UAV has impressive dimensions
MIUS is equipped with a Ukrainian-made AI-25TLT jet engine, manufactured at the Ivchenko-Progress enterprise on a special order from Turkish partners. A drone with this engine will be able to take off and land on the deck of the Turkish flagship landing ship TCG Anadolu..

The technical director and co-owner of the Turkish company Baykar Makina Selçuk Bayraktar strongly condemned Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine and expressed support for the country. He also said that Crimea is "the birthplace of Turkish brothers."
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