News 2022

What is the advantage of using a parachute braking system?

Parachute braking system - designed to brake the aircraft. Of course, the wheels of the aircraft chassis are equipped with brakes, just like a car, so you can also brake with them. But sometimes it is more profitable to use a parachute. And that's why?

First of all, to save money. After all, it is not easy to slow down the heavy equipment of a modern combat aircraft, even if you brake with only wheels, you can use up pads and tires, which is why they quickly burn out. And the parachute braking system is reusable. After planting, it is picked up, folded and used again - it is able to withstand from a couple of dozen to fifty cycles of use.

In addition, another advantage, the parachute braking system comes in handy in conditions when the wheels cannot be braked. For example, if the strip is wet or icy.

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