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US military to test new super-powerful laser weapons

The US government has signed a contract with a group of companies, including Boeing, to create super-powerful laser weapons for the needs of the military. It is argued that it should become the most deadly in its class of military equipment.

Seven years ago, an experimental laser weapon system was already tested in the United States. She could give out a 30-kilowatt beam, with which it was possible to shoot down drones and small aircraft. It is assumed that the new development will be 10 times more powerful, namely 300 kW.

According to representatives of General Atomics Electrom Systems, which is also working on the project, with the help of the new laser it will be possible to shoot down not only drones and helicopters, but also missiles and even airplanes. According to experts, this is especially true in light of the fact that a new hypersonic missile has recently been tested in China.

"This will be a breakthrough in the field of air and missile defense, which is necessary to modernize the army and eliminate the next generation of threats," - said in General Atomics Electrom Systems.

The developers plan to demonstrate a working prototype of the new military equipment next year.
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