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Turkish tank "Altai" will go to the test in the army at the end of April

The first two units of the main Turkish battle tank "Altai" will go to the Turkish Armed Forces for testing at the end of April, CNN Turk reports.

According to him, the tests will last until 2024, after which the issue of mass production, which will be created in Ankara, will be decided. It is expected that from 2026 the tank will be permanently equipped with a completely domestic engine and transmission developed by the Turkish company BMC (BMC). According to Mehmet Karaaslan, general director of the defense department of the company, there were forced delays in the implementation of the initial project of the Altai tank due to problems with obtaining an imported engine and transmission.

We are talking about problems with obtaining an export license from the German authorities to supply Turkey with an engine, suspension and some other tank systems. In this regard, it was decided to reorient the project completely to domestic capacities. To date, the updated project of the tank, according to the BMC management, has been heavily revised and has become completely based on domestic developments. An engine with a capacity of 1.5 thousand liters was created. With. The tank received active protection systems, improved armor, updated fire guidance and control systems.

To develop an updated project from 2019, the army leased the capacity of one of the BMC factories. It employs about 200 people, including 120 representatives of the Armed Forces of the republic. It is noted that there is not a single foreign specialist in the production.

What is known about the Turkish tanks Altai?

Altai is a promising main battle tank that was first introduced in May 2011. The Turkish army ordered its development in order to replace the existing, but outdated German-made Leopard-1 and Leopard-2 vehicles and the American M48 and M60. The cost of one unit is tentatively calculated in the range of 11-14 million euros. The main weapon is a 120 mm cannon, the crew is four people. The tank is named after General of the Army Fahrettin Altay, an ally of Kemal Atatürk during the Turkish War of Independence of 1919-1923.
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