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South African main battle tank - Olifant

Let's talk about the battle tanks of other countries. For example, the Olifant is a South African main battle tank, a modified version of the British Centurion or A41 tank.

By the way, back in the late 70s, a program was launched in South Africa to modernize British Centurion tanks, which had been in service with the South African Defense Forces since the late 1950s. At that time, about 200 combat vehicles were purchased in total.

This model of the tank is equipped with a V12 diesel engine, the power of which ranges from 900 - 1040 hp. The speed of movement on the highway is 58 km per hour, the cruising range is 350 km, but the cruising range on rough terrain is about 200 km.

Although the "Olifant" is an interesting example of improving the basic combat capabilities of decently outdated tanks for as long as 40 years, because this model of tanks cannot withstand modern MBT on an equal footing in most arena of military operations, many of the improvements made put it in a better position compared to tanks not adapted to operating conditions on the African continent.
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