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What engine is installed in the popular T-55 battle tank?

Of course, among the popular models of tank engines, the V-55 tank engine stands out, which is one of the naturally aspirated engines with retracted units.

This engine model is installed on the T-55 tank, the BTS-4 and BTS-2 armored tractor. In addition, other types of engines are installed in other versions of the upgraded version. For example, the T-55AM-1 is an upgrade option for the T-55A; it differs from the T-55AM in the installation of a V-46-5M diesel engine with a capacity of 690 hp.

Nevertheless, the main distinguishing features of the V-55 engine are: a heated crankcase, which has cavities in the lower and upper halves, connected by pipes 21 and forming a water
jacket, with inlet hoses and an outlet pipe for inclusion in the cooling system. Also, in V-55 engines, the drive to the G-5 generator is carried out using a hydraulic clutch 4 and a two-position fuel pump drive clutch, which allows setting the fuel feed advance angle for the winter period of operation - the "Winter" position and summer - the "Summer" position.

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