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France and Germany announced the start of the active phase of the development of the "tank of the future" project MGCS

The Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) is a project launched in 2017 by Germany and France to replace their current Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks. Together with the main ground combat system, a tank with an accompanying robot is being developed, which will be used from 2035.

MGCS was just a project for a long time. At a meeting of the defense ministers of France and Germany, it was decided to continue the initiative. This came as a surprise to weapons specialists. They considered the project a failure because Germany and France had not yet agreed on important points.

Both countries are now confident that they can solve the problems. By September 22, the basic documentation of both countries should be created with expectations from the new battle tank. The MGCS project should then be formed in collaboration. It is planned that the new tank will replace the German Leopard 2 and the French Leclerc as early as 2035.
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