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Turkey will start producing its Altay military tank within two years

Turkey will start mass production of its own promising Altay battle tank within two years. At the moment, battle tanks are being tested, CNN Türk reported.

The 65-ton military tank will be equipped with an active protection system that will make the vehicle invulnerable to the most advanced anti-tank missile systems such as the Javelin. At the final stage is the creation of a locally produced tank engine.

In addition, Altay will be equipped with a new generation of armor, its firing range will be 8 kilometers. The military personnel will control the tank using a computer system.

The Department of Defense Industry of Turkey and the Navy company signed a contract for the production of new tanks in 2018 - it was estimated at $ 500 million. At the first stage of work, the production of 250 tanks is planned, in total Ankara intends to produce one thousand combat vehicles and begin work on crewless options.

By the way, the Altay military equipment will replace the German Leopard tanks and the American M60 tanks, which are now in service with the Turkish army.
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