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The British Army will soon receive Europe's "most powerful" battle tank, the Challenger 3

As reported by the specialized resource Army Recognition, the British Army will soon receive a new main battle tank, the Challenger 3. The information is provided with reference to the British Defense Department.

According to published data, this tank, considered one of the most modern in Europe, is at the stage of launching production. UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps called the progress "critical" amid growing global threats. Shapps' announcement came during his visit to Rheinmetall's BAE Systems Land (RBSL) plant in Telford, where he met the team responsible for this "engineering marvel".

According to Army Recognition, the Challenger 3 boasts improved armor and modern firepower, including a new turret with a NATO-compatible smoothbore gun, improved sensors and an impressive array of technologies, making it the most secure tank ever operated by the British Army. . The vehicle is expected to play a key role in the British deterrence strategy. All built prototypes are planned to be tested “in combat conditions” [quote from the text, note] to refine their characteristics. In addition to the already built combat vehicles, it is planned to assemble another 140 such tanks. They should remain in service with the British Army until at least 2040.

The new turret design and tank armor provide excellent crew protection. The tank is equipped with a laser warning system and the Trophy active protection system, capable of detecting and neutralizing approaching threats, using countermeasures, intercepting and destroying them before they can hit the vehicle. In addition, the Challenger 3 received a more powerful engine with an upgraded cooling system. It is also equipped with a third-generation hydrogas suspension, which increases shooting accuracy while the tank is moving. The maximum speed on the highway is 60 km/h.
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