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Conforms to NATO standards: a modernized T-64 tank was presented in Ukraine

Kharkov Armored Plant presented a modernized T-64 tank, reports

The most popular tank of the Ukrainian army received a more powerful engine, more protected armor and modern communication systems that meet NATO standards. The tank can fight even at night, and this year it will be equipped with on-board computers.

The T-64 tank was created sixty years ago by Kharkov designers, but the machine is still popular, it is only being improved. This is one of the latest versions - T-64 BM2.

The modernized tank became heavier than several tons, but this did not affect its maneuverability. All because of the 6-cylinder engine, which is an additional 300 horsepower. The total power of a thousand horsepower allows the 46-tonne to easily move to the front line in any weather.

At the same time, the weight of the tank has increased due to the armor, which gives additional protection, said Vladimir Shargulenko, chief engineer of the plant. The anti-cumulative grill protects the armor from rocket-propelled grenades, and additional armor plates cover the fuel tank.

In addition, the tank has a “knife” protection - a development of Kharkiv designers: explosives are placed in the front of the tank to counteract shells.

Rubber shields protect against bullets and shell fragments from hitting the base of the tower, and a 125-millimeter cannon accurately hits the target at a distance of up to 5 km.

The battle can be fought even at night thanks to the thermal imager and night vision system.

The updated T-64 has modern navigation and communication systems that meet NATO standards: the conversations are encrypted and inaccessible to the enemy.

Until 2014, hundreds of T-64 tanks rusted in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense. The war required a quick armament of the army, the machines were dismantled to the screw, put in new equipment and delivered to the army.

Today, the Kharkov Armored Plant is loaded until the end of the year: there are contracts for the repair and modernization of several dozen tanks of four modifications.

The plant also plans to repair T-80 tanks and armored personnel carriers, the restoration of which the plant learned last year.
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