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German concern Rheinmetall may supply 139 Leopard tanks to Ukraine

The German concern Rheinmetall can supply Ukraine with a total of 139 Leopard type 1 and 2 tanks if the German government gives permission for their export, a representative of the concern said in an interview with RND.

"We still have 22 Leopard 2A4s that we could prepare for use and deliver to Ukraine," he said.

According to a representative of Rheinmetall, the repair of these machines will take almost a year. Delivery would be possible in late 2023/early 2024.

“In addition, there are 29 more Leopard 2A4 tanks that we are preparing for ring exchange projects, and which will be ready by April-May 2023,” he said.

The concern can also provide 88 Leopard 1 machines.

"The situation is very unstable due to security policy, various forms of direct or indirect deliveries and changing order priorities. Therefore, it is difficult, for example, to name specific delivery dates," the representative of the concern emphasized.
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