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An analogue of the BMP T-15 "Armata" was shown in the photo

The new infantry fighting vehicle, known under the designation VN-20, which is considered an analogue of the Russian T-15 on the Armata universal platform, lit up in new live photos in preparation for the 13th International Aviation and Space Salon Airshow China-2022.

An analogue of the BMP T-15 "Armata" - a heavy infantry fighting vehicle VN-20 - was shown in new photos showing interesting details. The photo confirms that an uninhabited compartment with weapons was used in the BMP. At present, such a design solution is already found on many samples of modern and promising infantry fighting vehicles, for example, on the Russian B-19, created on the chassis of the BMP-3, B-11 and T-15, made on the basis of the unified medium and heavy platforms "Kurganets-25 "and" Armata. The isolated placement of ammunition increases the chances of survival of the crew and troops in the event of a turret being hit by enemy ammunition.

Together with the road wheels, the VN-20 uses a 1300-horsepower diesel engine from the VT-4 tank, which allows it to reach high speeds while driving on highways and rough terrain.

If on the previously shown exhibition models of a heavy infantry fighting vehicle one could see two remote-controlled 12.7-mm machine guns installed in the stern, then here they are absent. It is also worth noting the installation of a spare fuel tank at the rear.
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