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What is known about the military tanks of the Vietnamese Armed Forces?

According to some open sources, the armed forces of Vietnam have about (<850) T-55s in 2017, as well as 850 military tanks - T-54s and T-55s in 2012. In addition, in Soviet times, 600 units of the T-55 tank were delivered to the country in the period from 1973 to 1975.

Speaking of the T-55 tank model, this version also has an upgraded version of the Vietnamese tanks - the T-55M3 joint Israeli-Slovenian tank. To be more precise, the Israeli Blazer hinged dynamic protection was installed on the tank on the turret and on the forehead of the hull. In addition, the military tank received rubber-fabric side anti-cumulative screens covered with steel, a 105-mm M68 gun, and a 60-mm grenade launcher on the roof of the turret.

Engineers also installed a new Fotona SGS-55 fire control system (with an integrated digital ballistic computer, a laser rangefinder, an SGS-55 gunner's sight with a two-plane stabilizer and an atmospheric parameter sensor), a Fotona COMTOS-55 commander's surveillance system, and a Fotona driver's periscope CODRIS equipped with night vision devices, two six-barreled smoke grenade launchers with a LIRD-1A laser sensor system.

For reference:
Engine type: diesel V-55V (click on the link for more details)
Engine power, l. p.: 580
Highway speed, km/h: 50
Power reserve on the highway, km: 500

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