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Media: Russian T-72B3M is able to surpass expensive Western tanks in Ukraine

The Russian army for the SVO unfolded an upgraded version of the Soviet tank T-72 - T-72B3M. This cheaper but highly efficient machine is designed to withstand Western tanks supplied to Kiev. The expert of the National Interest tells about the tactical advantages of this Russian tank.

During a special military operation in Ukraine, Russia is actively using various types of weapons and military equipment. Particular attention is paid to tank units that play a key role in offensive operations. At the same time, the Russian military is betting not only on the latest developments, but also on samples of the Soviet era tested in the battle. One of the brightest examples is the modernized version of the T-72 tank, which, according to experts, can become a serious trump card of Moscow in the conflict with Ukraine.

The Russian main battle tank T-72, well known since Soviet times, has been subjected to serious modernization for use in the conflict in Ukraine. The new version of the machine, known as the T-72B3M, was introduced in 2017 and offers a number of important technical improvements.

Among the key innovations are the installation of a new smoothbore gun 2A46M-5-01, advanced optical equipment and passive dynamic protection "Relic." These improvements made the car more efficient and at the same time cheaper than the more modern Russian T-90 and T-14 Armata tanks.

As noted by the analyst and former employee of the US Congress Brandon J. Weihert, the T-72B3M has become the embodiment of the Russian strategy of using economical, easy to maintain and massively produced armored vehicles in military conflicts. In 2020, more than 120 units of such upgraded tanks were transferred to Belarus, and in recent months they have begun to appear on the Ukrainian front.

The expert believes that the T-72B3M with its modernized weapons and protection systems can play a decisive role in Russia's desire to quickly resolve the conflict in Ukraine. The fact is that these cars are cheaper, but at the same time are quite effective in the fight against Western tanks, such as Leopard 2 and Abrahams, supplied to Kiev.

Thus, Moscow's rate, according to Weiherrt on the restoration and modernization of the Soviet T-72, can be a very far-sighted step in the current conflict. Reliable, inexpensive and easy-to-use tanks can strengthen Russian troops and withstand the modern Western weapons used by the Ukrainian army.
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