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The updated engine of the BMD-1 airborne combat vehicle

Combat tracked amphibious vehicle, namely "BMD-1 airborne combat vehicle", airborne from the popular models of aircraft such as An-12A, An-22 and Il-76. The combat crew of the BMD-1 includes seven people.

The airborne combat vehicle has a layout design classic for tanks: vehicle controls are located in the bow of the BMD-1 hull, the fighting compartment is in the middle of the hull, and the engine compartment is in the aft. The hull is made of sheets of aluminum armor, which protects the crew from shrapnel and 7.62 mm bullets. The tower is welded from steel armor, borrowed from the BMP-1 combat vehicle (infantry fighting vehicle). Its frontal projection can withstand the impact of 12.7 mm armor-piercing bullets.


The BMD-1 is equipped with a V-shaped 6-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine model 5D20-240. The engine has a working volume of 15,900 cc and develops a maximum power of 240 liters. from. (176 kW) at 2400 rpm. The engine is started on the BMD-1 of early releases using the main electric starter or a redundant air intake system; with the introduction of the engine-driven compressor in the early seventies, the air intake system became the mainstream. To facilitate starting at low temperatures, the engine is equipped with an electrically driven nozzle heater included in the cooling system.

You can find out a detailed description of the 5D20 tank engine and other types of engines by clicking on the link.
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