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Oman plans to buy 76 units of South Korean K2 tanks

Oman is likely to be the first foreign country to buy the South Korean K2 main battle tank.

As reported in the media, Oman plans to purchase 76 Korean tanks from the Armed Forces of its country. Earlier, negotiations between representatives of the Omani Armed Forces and Hyundai Rotem were already held in the fall of 2018. Later, the South Korean K2, which received a desert camouflage color, underwent full-scale tests in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Test runs took place in the desert and mountainous areas, and a tank was landed on the coast from the amphibious assault ship.

What is the engine and characteristics of the K2 military tank?

With a combat weight of 55 tons, the K2 tank, thanks to a 1500 hp tank engine. capable of accelerating to 75 km / h, which has been demonstrated. It is also important to note that the tank is equipped with a 120-mm tank gun with a barrel length of 55 calibers and an automatic loader. Thanks to the latter, the tank can fire at a rate of up to 15 rounds per minute or once every 4 seconds.
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