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India was able to create its own tank engine, equivalent in power to the Russian Armata engine

In India, they conducted initial tests of a power plant designed by the local company BEML Limited, capable of delivering 1,500 horsepower. About, without quotes, the high achievements of local engine builders, they told in the latest publication of the Times of India.

According to the material, the private company was able to reach significant heights and opened a new era for the Indian military-industrial complex. After all, not every developed country can build a power plant, especially one so powerful. The industrialists of Delhi were able to demonstrate to the world that they were capable of mastering the technological fields and excelling in the military field. This was approximately the statement made by high-ranking functionary Giridhar Aramane, representing the Indian Defense Ministry.

And according to the BEML Limited press center, their product is an outstanding example of weight-to-power ratio, showing stable operation in hot climates and extreme cold conditions. And all this is combined with operating conditions in mountainous areas, where the air is significantly thinner.

The overall time frame for the Indian tank engine project is between 2020 and 2025.

The diesel engine of the Armata 2V-12-3A tank develops a similar power of 1500 hp. And it was created by the designers of the famous Uralvagonzavod. Very little is known about the domestic power plant used by the T-14, since it is classified as classified. But it is reliably known that the X-shaped 12-cylinder diesel turbo-piston block was created on the basis of the legendary B-2, which was used in one of its early modifications on the best tank of World War II - the T-34. But the Russian new product is, of course, radically different from it - thanks to two turbines, it is possible to develop such power, in contrast to the basic power plant with 450 hp, which is extremely modest in modern conditions. With.
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