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The expert compared the Russian T-90 tank with the battle tank Abrams

Expert Zhivov called gas turbine engines the weak point of the Abrams tank.

Russian political scientist and military volunteer Alexei Zhivov commented on the delivery of American Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine by the United States. According to him, American tanks will not be able to have any significant impact on the course of the military conflict in Ukraine, and in order to neutralize them, the Russian military will only have to destroy the infrastructure communications intended to serve them.

At the same time, Zhivov believes that the Abrams combat vehicle can be compared with the Russian T-90 tank. However, despite the fact that this is military equipment of one generation, the United States carried out repeated work to modernize this tank, while in Russia there was a period when the domestic defense-industrial complex (DIC) experienced a number of difficulties, including in microelectronics. Otherwise, the expert believes, these are similar tanks, differing in their mass.

“I had the opportunity to drive on a black earth road after rain. The likelihood that any equipment, especially Abrams, will get stuck in it is very high. Therefore, they will immediately be thrown into battle where they have the most urgent need for a breakthrough: Donetsk, Zaporozhye,” Zhivov suggested.

As for the direct destruction by the Russian military of these combat vehicles transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, then, according to him, Abrams can be hit by various weapons systems and even drones. At the same time, Zhivov noted that if you successfully hit the upper projection of the Abrams tank, you can burn through the thin layer of armor on top in the area of the hatches and completely destroy this vehicle by hitting the ammunition located behind the rear wall.

“They will also be hit by Kornets, Rapiers, large artillery systems with a caliber of 152 mm - these are Msta, Giatsint. Our artillerymen manage to hit a stopped tank with the second or third shot, from a distance of 10–15 kilometers. This is a very good result,” explained the military expert.

Zhivov also added that it is difficult to substantively judge the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian T-90 tank in battle against the Abrams, since these vehicles did not collide with each other in combat. At the same time, he emphasized that both tanks are modern and fully automated military equipment, equipped, among other things, with an automated battle control system. Therefore, success in battle will depend on the tank crew.

“I think the tracks from our mines will definitely come off an Abrams, but without a track the vehicle is partially unfit for combat. Then it’s a standing target,” Zhivov concluded.
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