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The United States appreciated the power of the Russian T-72 tank

The Russian battle tank T-72 B3 is a third-generation tank with an improved fire control system and improved mobility. Such characteristics of military equipment were given by Maya Karlin, a columnist for the American edition.

“The combat Russian tank is equipped with an improved fire control system, a new thermal imaging sight and improved mobility characteristics. <…> The T-72B3 can be equipped with a 125-mm 2A46M5 smoothbore gun and can fire a range of ammunition, including high-explosive ones,” Maya Karlin wrote for 19FortyFive.

The tank is capable of firing anti-tank missiles, high-explosive fragmentation and armor-piercing shells. According to Karlin, the latest version of the tank also has an improved Relic protection, which protects the tank from a range of projectiles - cumulative, armor-piercing and rocket.

Here are some of the main advantages that the T-72B3 modification can offer:

Upgraded weapons: T-72B3 is usually equipped with new weapons systems. It can be equipped with a 125 mm smoothbore gun with automatic loading, as well as advanced aiming and guidance systems.

Protection: The upgraded T-72B3 usually has improved armor and defense systems. This may include additional composite and reactive armor plates, as well as active protection systems such as the Arena active protection system.

Fire Control Systems: The T-72B3 can be equipped with advanced fire control systems, including thermal imaging equipment, laser rangefinders, and advanced computer systems to improve firing accuracy.

Enhanced Mobility: The T-72B3 variant can have improved engines and suspension, which improves the tank's maneuverability and maneuverability in various terrain conditions.

Night Vision Capabilities: The upgraded T-72B3 can be equipped with night vision systems such as thermal imagers, allowing the crew to observe and fire in low visibility conditions.

However, it is worth noting that the specific characteristics and capabilities of the T-72B3 may vary depending on the country and the company performing the upgrade.
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