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In Europe, there was a demand for early versions of Israeli tanks "Merkava"

According to journalists, we are talking about vehicles of the second and third generations removed from combat duty, produced in Israel in the 1980s and 1990s. A few years ago they were written off to the reserve, but against the backdrop of hostilities in Ukraine, the demand for such armored vehicles increased on the world market, the newspaper notes.

The main battle tank "Merkava" has been produced in Israel since 1979. The IDF is currently in its fourth generation of these Mk.4 vehicles, equipped with the Trophy system, which provides protection against various threats, including rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank systems and anti-tank ammunition.

As Yedioth Ahronoth writes, while we are talking about the sale of more than 200 obsolete Israeli tanks. Their sale, according to preliminary estimates, could bring Israel several tens of millions of dollars, the newspaper points out.

Negotiations with potential buyers are already nearing completion, they are being conducted with two countries, one of which is in Europe. Contracts can be signed in three months, informs the newspaper. According to her, the deals still have to be approved by the Pentagon, since the design of these tanks uses American-made parts.

Information about the negotiations was confirmed to the Calcalist newspaper by the head of the defense export department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General of the Reserve Yair Kulas. He answered in the affirmative to the publication's question about the possibility of export deliveries of Merkava tanks.

“Yes, there are two potential countries with which we are negotiating that are at an advanced stage. I am forbidden to disclose information about this, but one of them is in continental Europe,” he said.

According to Kulas, the high demand for Israeli military equipment, including its modern models, is directly due to the situation around Ukraine.

"European countries help Ukraine and supply it with weapons systems. Stocks in these countries are depleted, and they replenish them by purchasing more modern systems, this is where Israeli manufacturers come into play," Kulas said.
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