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Battle tank of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, Thailand and Nigeria

Recently it became known that the Pakistani army became the third operator for the purchase of a Chinese-made Norinco VT-4 battle tank. Previously, an order was placed for an unknown number of VT-4 combat vehicles.

The Pakistani authorities reportedly decided to order the battle tanks, after demonstrating their performance, which impressed the country's military, as the tank was developed by the Chinese Norinco specifically for export and previously sold to the Thai and Nigerian Armed Forces to modernize their own armored vehicles.

While the Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar tanks were previously the most efficient in the Pakistani armored vehicle arsenal, the VT-4 is the most powerful tank in the country's armament.

Characteristics of the Norinco VT-4 tank:

The GL5's active defense system is particularly prized and can detect incoming projectiles and fire at them in pairs of missiles with double detonation, sufficient to neutralize most threats. Diesel engine 1300 hp The VT-4 is also very powerful for a vehicle given its size, with a tank that benefits from a torsion bar suspension, an integrated transmission hydraulic system and an automatic transmission for steering and acceleration.

Photo: Defense Talk
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