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The Armed Forces of Ukraine for the first time showed footage of the combat work of the German tank Leopard 2A6 at the front

We have already seen several photos and videos from the training sessions of the German Leopard 2A6 main battle tank in Ukraine. And so, the first shots of combat work appeared, writes Gagadget.

The video was recorded in the Zaporozhye region and demonstrates. The video shows how the Leopard 2A6 fires at the positions of the Russian invaders.

It is worth noting that Germany provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with almost two dozen Leopard 2A6 tanks. Nevertheless, Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk said that Ukraine had requested an additional batch of combat vehicles.

Melnyk noted that Germany sent 18 tanks to Ukraine. However, according to him, she can triple the number of Leopard 2A6 and and not endanger her own national security.
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