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What kind of battle tanks does the Moroccan Armed Forces have?

Recall that Algeria and Morocco are in conflict over Western Sahara, which is recognized in Algeria and not recognized in Rabat. Algeria supports the Polisario Front, which is waging a guerrilla war against Moroccan troops.

Earlier, we have already written about the main battle tanks of Algeria. Let's discuss what kind of battle tanks the Moroccan Armed Forces have.

According to open sources, Morocco has various types of battle tanks in service, such as the M60A1 (220 units), VT-1A (150 units), M60A3 (120 units) and T-72B (40 units).

By the way, the engine power in American tanks of the M60 series is 750 hp, has a highway speed of 48 km/h, and a highway range of 480 km.

The Chinese VT-1A tank is equipped with a 6TD-2 tank engine with a capacity of 1200 hp and a highway speed of 70 km/h. and the range on the highway is 400 km.

Soviet tanks are equipped with the B-46 engine (you can find out more about this model and other tank engines by clicking on the link in the "Products" section). The V-46 tank engine has a power of 750 hp, a speed of 48 km/h. and a cruising range on the highway for 480 km.
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