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Main battle tank of Pakistan, Thailand and Nigeria - VT-4

New Chinese-made VT-4 tanks have been commissioned in Pakistan. This was announced by the chief of staff of the Pakistani army, General Kamar Dawed Bajwa.

According to General Kamar, the introduction of the VT-4 tank by the Pakistani ground forces will significantly increase their combat capabilities, which is very important against the backdrop of the ongoing military confrontation with India in Kashmir.

The VT-4 is a new premium Chinese export tank developed by the China North Industries Corporation. The prototype of the machine was first demonstrated at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2014 in Chukhai. According to the manufacturer himself, the VT-4 tank is at the level of the best main battle tanks of our time and has improved armor protection, high maneuverability and firepower.

Characteristics of the VT-4 tank engine:

Engine type - turbo-diesel
Engine power, hp with. - 1300
Speed ​​on the highway, km / h - 75
Cruising on the highway, km - 500
Specific power, hp s./t - 25.5
Passable moat, m - 2.7
Overcome ford, m - 1.4

This battle tank is the main battle tank of the Thai and Nigeria armed forces. You can find out about other models of tank engines by clicking on the link.
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