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Powerful and compact: Advantages of the V-46 tank engine

V-46 T-72 battle tank engine
The V-46 tank engine was the result of the modernization of diesel units and engines of the V-2 type. It is important to note that the V-46 diesel has received higher power characteristics, with improved efficiency and manufacturability.

By the way, the V-46 tank engine is a design of two cylinder blocks arranged in a V-shape. In total, this engine has twelve cylinders operating in a four-stroke mode, supercharged from a supercharger (driven centrifugal) and forced cooling (closed liquid with forced circulation and radiator blowing using an ejector).

The V-46 diesel engine combines compactness and small, in comparison with analogues, weight. It proved to be a reliable unit when working in the most extreme situations. Diesel engines of this type include the following brands of power units: V-46-5 diesel, V-46-2S1, V-46-6 diesel, V-46-5M, V-84, V-59U, V-84-1, V-84A, V-84M, V-84-MB1. The listed models differ from each other in the design of some units and parts and in the installation of additional assembly units. The latest model of the engine is the V46-6 diesel, which is completed with an oil centrifuge, an oil filter and a single spare parts kit. Also, the engine is equipped with air start systems, a fuel pump, and fine fuel filters.
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