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Hyundai Rotem showed the "tank of the future"

The tank called K3 is still inside the crew, but the fighters are not in the tower and are well protected. The concept exists only in electronic form and in drawings, it will be made in hardware in 7 years.

The South Korean company Hyundai Rotem demonstrated the concept of its new generation tank, in which it introduced a number of high-tech solutions for automotive and electrical engineering.

The new K3 main battle tank is based on a modular platform with a cockpit at the front and a power plant at the rear.

The low silhouette of the tank with reduced visibility in the radar and infrared ranges makes the new K3 almost invisible to the enemy. At the same time, anti-tank missiles and other weapons systems will also be almost invisible to the enemy thanks to the integration inside the tower.

The body of the new K3 tank will be equipped with a modular armor system made of steel, ceramics and composite materials - almost like in supercars.

Among the innovative features of the K3 tank is an unmanned turret with a remote-controlled 130 mm smoothbore gun. With fully automated charging, this design requires only three crew members. The driver, gunner and commander of the tank are located in the fighting compartment, located in an armored capsule in front of the hull, isolated from the automatic loader, as well as from the ammunition storage in the center of the tank.

K3 will have a combat weight of 55 tons and be equipped with a diesel engine, which will allow the tank to reach a maximum speed of 70 km / h, in off-road conditions - up to 50 km / h. The maximum travel range with full tanks is up to 500 km.

The South Korean army has requested the development of the K3 tank, the first running prototype is planned to be made in 2030.
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