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Poland buys 1000 K2 Black Panther Tanks

Poland is betting on new military equipment from South Korea: after a visit to Seoul by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak at the end of May 2022, Warsaw announced at the end of last month that it was buying a huge amount of South Korean weapons, including more than 1,600 armored vehicles and 48 FA fighters -fifty.

The deal is reportedly valued at US$14.5 billion (over several years) and comes as Poland seeks to increase defense spending to 3% of GDP, even when most NATO countries cannot meet the supposedly required minimum of 2 %.

Seoul, could start initial deliveries by the end of 2022 and with less red tape and associated conditions. Going forward, South Korea agreed to localize production in Poland, which Warsaw hopes will revive its military industry so it can produce more of what it needs for itself.

Recall that Poland transferred to Ukraine 230 T-72M and an unknown number of more advanced main battle tanks PT-91 Twardy - more tanks than are in service with the French, German or British armies.
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