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Israeli Merkava tank received protection from magnetic mines

On October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked Israel. This event showed that the vaunted “best tank in the world” could be disabled by simple means. Merkava battle tanks were attacked by homemade bombs and drones.

Since then, the Israeli army (IDF) has been modernizing the Merkava. Since October, tanks have been seen with numerous improvised protective structures. Now images of the Merkava Mk3 have emerged, in which the protection looks standardized rather than improvised.

The upgrade includes a new “roof” for the tower. This protection against grenades and explosive devices dropped from drones, as well as kamikaze drones, first appeared in large quantities during the SVO. Especially at the beginning of the conflict, they were often very simple. Some were simply wooden beams and a chain-link fence on top. The idea is that explosive devices with impact detonators explode before they reach the thin armor at the top of the tower.

The Mk3 roof looks very robust and standardized for mass production. It has a tent shape, with a pointed tip. This means that thrown grenades or explosive devices with timed fuses will roll down and explode on the ground rather than above the tower.
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