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Indian serial fighter Tejas Mk1A made its first flight

The first flight of the latest Indian production fighter, Tejas Mk1A, took place at the test airfield of the aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bangalore (Karnataka).

As noted, after completion of the tests, the fighter will be equipped with digital radar warning systems, the latest on-board radar, external units of missile attack warning systems, as well as improved air-to-air missiles. HAL is to supply the Indian Air Force with 83 Tejas Mk1A, the fighters will begin entering service this year. The Air Force plans to sign another contract for the supply of an additional 97 aircraft of this type.

Tejas Mk1A is a modification of the Tejas Mk1 fighter aircraft in service with the Air Force. In 2025, a new version of the aircraft, called Tejas Mk2, is expected to be produced, powered by an American GE-414 turbojet engine. The engines will be produced in India jointly by HAL and the American company General Electric. A total of 200 such fighters are planned to be produced.
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