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How effective are parachute-braking systems in fighter jets?

The parachute-braking system (PBS) or the parachute-braking system serves to slow down the vehicle and unload the braking system, namely the wheels, and reduces the braking distance by artificially increasing the drag.

Usually driven at a speed of 180-400 km/h; sharply increases air resistance, which allows you to quickly reduce the speed of the aircraft and reduce the length of the run by 30-35%.

On light aircraft, one braking parachute with an area of ​​15–40 m2 is usually used, on medium and heavy aircraft, two- and three-dome PBSs with a total area of ​​up to 200 m2 are used.

The time of stretching and filling the domes is 1.5–3 s. At a speed of 20-30 m/s, braking parachutes are usually uncoupled, as they become ineffective.

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