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Analogue of Leopard 2: Swedish tanks Stridsvagn 122 appeared on the front line in Ukraine

In general, the Swedish car resembles the famous Leopard 2A5. The tank retains the firepower of its German colleague, but the Strv 122 has additional armor and an improved fire control system, Focus reports.

During the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian troops, the 21st mechanized brigade began to use Swedish-made Stridsvagn 122 main battle tanks, which entered service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The first footage of the technique was posted on Twitter on July 12.

As Army Recognition observers noted, the Swedish-made tanks, which are a variant of the German Leopard 2A5 tank, were transferred by Sweden to strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine during the confrontation with Russian troops. At the same time, journalists write that a total of 10 such cars arrived in Ukraine.
Swedish armor

Stridsvagn 122 is the main battle tank of the Swedish army, created under license as a version of the German Leopard 2A5. However, it has a number of upgrades, including additional armor and improvements to meet the requirements of the Swedish military. The armament of the Leopard 2A5 is a powerful 120 mm smoothbore gun capable of firing a variety of ammunition, including high-explosive and armor-piercing. The Strv 122 retained this firepower, while receiving significant armor protection upgrades and additional modular armor.

Also, in order to increase reliability, the Strv 122 tank is equipped with more powerful torsion bars and shock absorbers from the PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer.

Other innovations include advanced command, control and fire control (FCS) systems. In particular, the Swedish version includes a battlefield management system that allows you to exchange data with other units in real time, which is not available on all modifications of the Leopard 2A5. The SLA of the Swedish tank received a new computer capable of holding ballistic data for 12 different types of projectiles at the same time.

In addition, the integration of the on-board information and control system Tank Command and Control System (TCCS) significantly affected the improvement of combat qualities. It provides information about the state of the tank's systems, as well as tactical data to the commander and driver.

Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation have almost doubled their tank arsenal. According to Ukraine Support Tracker, since the beginning of the war, the Western Allies have delivered 471 new tanks to Ukraine, and another 286 vehicles are on standby.
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