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Why is it profitable to order military products from Argun Kazakhstan?

Of course, there are a lot of military factories and enterprises around the world. In particular, in connection with the latest events in the world, we are seeing a growing interest in our Argun Kazakhstan military plant. Therefore, we decided to note the advantages of cooperation with us in the field of military security and supplies for the armed forces of various countries.

Cooperation with the military plant for the production of tank engines, parachute-braking systems (PBS) and airfield equipment "Argun Kazakhstan" guarantees you the execution of your orders in the shortest possible time, from production to shipment takes only 2-3 months.

Unlike other state-owned enterprises, we are Argun Kazakhstan - a private company, and we have a relatively low bureaucratic dependence, but with a full package of documentation and certification for military products and their delivery around the world.

In addition, for the entire time of the existence of our plant, our products have never received claims for product quality. For example, in some foreign companies, such facts as the poor quality of parachute-brake systems for fighter jets were noticed. But, in "Argun Kazakhstan" the quality of PBS is very demanding and is thoroughly tested and certified before being sent to the customer.

We always have a guarantee for all military products of the Argun Kazakhstan company. For tank engines, this is 500 moto-hours, for parachute braking systems for fighters, this is 50 applications, and for airfield equipment, 12 months for the period of operation.

It is especially important to note that from the moment an order for military equipment is received and a preliminary discussion by phone, an online conference, etc., the management and representatives of Argun Kazakhstan will be able to immediately leave (fly) to meet with the customer and discuss the smallest details of the order.

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