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Ukrainian battle tank "Bulat" - what is known?

The Ukrainian battle tank "Bulat" is a reworked Soviet T-64. Today it is in service exclusively with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The modernization of the tank began in 1999, and in 2005, after three stages of improvement, it was put into service.

One of the main "highlights" of "Bulat" is the integrated dynamic protection module "Knife". It is noteworthy that it was developed in Ukraine, and it is used in the USA, Thailand and Ethiopia. According to military experts, during the hostilities, up to 8 rocket-propelled grenades could get into the Knife's dynamic defense, but the armor withstood shelling.

The main armament of "Bulat" is a smoothbore gun with a barrel length of 48 calibers. Ammunition - 36 rounds of armor-piercing, high-explosive fragmentation shells and guided missiles. In addition, the tank is equipped with two machine guns - a large-caliber anti-aircraft gun with remote control and a twin rifle caliber.

"Bulat" can overcome a water barrier up to 5 meters, and wade up to 1.8. The crew of the tank - three people.

The combat vehicle proved itself on the battlefield more than once. The Armed Forces of Ukraine used Bulat to protect the Luhansk airport in 2014, and in 2015, in the battle near Lohvinov, a group of three tanks destroyed 8 Russian T-72B combat vehicles, while one Bulat continued to fight, despite a direct hit on the hull.

From the beginning of the full-scale offensive, it is known that the tanks took part in the battles for Kherson, defended Kharkov and, in general, showed themselves well, protecting the crew.
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