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The newest version of the AbramsX tank was presented in the USA

The Abrams tank made significant contributions to the development of US armored forces, introducing several innovative technologies such as Chobham composite armor, computer fire control system, multi-fuel turbine engine, NBC protection for crew safety and separate ammunition storage. A new variant of the Abrams, known as AbramsX, is currently in development and promises to bring futuristic technology to US armored forces.

A brief YouTube video last year gave a glimpse of the new generation of General Dynamics AbramsX, which has been described as the most significant improvement to America's military tank technology since the early stages of the Cold War.

The AbramsX will feature advanced military technologies, including a hybrid electric diesel engine, which will make the tank lighter and more fuel efficient than existing Abrams tanks. AbramsX will also operate with a smaller crew to improve efficiency and will use artificial intelligence systems.

However, the Department of Defense remains skeptical about the value of the AbramsX investment. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has demonstrated both the potential and risks of tank technology on the modern battlefield. There are also concerns about the tanks' usefulness in a potential conflict with China.

The integration of artificial intelligence into a modern battle tank has also raised concerns, given the potential risks associated with such technology. According to Mark Cancian, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the tank community may face challenges in securing the resources for major modernization.
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