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What is known about the Ukrainian UAV Furia?

The modern war in Ukraine against the Russian aggressors has shown that drones and drones occupy a significant place in it. In addition to the famous Bayraktars, Ukraine also has its own domestic aircraft, Facts reports.

Furia UAVs are modern Ukrainian multi-purpose drones for reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment. Each aircraft is equipped with a thermal imaging camera. Management and information collection is carried out through a ground station.

The superiority of such a drone in flight range is that this iron bird is able to stay in the sky for up to three hours and fly 50 kilometers away. Fulfills the mission even during strong winds.

Furies are well known to Ukrainian artillerymen, because drones have been successfully correcting fire on the enemy and his equipment for several years now.

- These complexes are what we need now, because quadrocopters are quadrocopters, and the range is not enough. Artillery fires from at least 15 kilometers or more. And quadrocopters do not reach. Therefore, these complexes are the only thing that saves us from enemy artillery, - says the military Faraday of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation purchased 12 such drones for the military. The first Furies are already on combat missions.

The transfer of UAVs to the military is part of the large-scale assistance of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical institutions and internally displaced persons. In total, since the beginning of hostilities, the Victor and Elena Pinchuk Foundations have allocated more than $45 million to help the army and the civilian population.
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