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The Russian Federation has developed a new cruise missile for the Su-57

New long-range cruise missiles have been developed for Russian Su-57 fighters. They will be placed inside the fuselage. The new rockets will be slightly smaller.

“The latest in-fuselage cruise missile has been developed for the Su-57. With a smaller size, the missile has a comparable range to those products that are used in long-range aviation on strategic bombers,”. It is noted that the weight reduction of the new missiles was achieved through their internal layout, as well as the use of a new turbojet engine.

According to American journalists from Military Watch Magazine, the Su-57 fighter is superior to its US counterpart, RT reports. It has the most powerful weapons in its class. This aircraft is capable of carrying up to eight missiles. Earlier it was reported about the creation of fifth-generation RVV-MD2 short-range missiles for the Su-57.
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