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Poland handed over to Ukraine the latest models of T-72M1R tanks

Poland transferred over two hundred T-72 tanks to the Ukrainian army. As it turned out, these were not just Soviet tanks, but modernized M1 and M1R. It is reported by Defense Express.

The publication refers to a video published online with Polish tanks that have already arrived in Ukraine. As it became known, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the upgraded M1R. After the improvements, the tank received a new thermal imaging sight, night vision devices, a digital communication system and a new system for starting the engine.

However, in Poland, the modernization of the T-72M1R began to be done recently, so some of the transferred tanks belong to the T-72M1 version. They are also better than the basic T-72s. The M1 has a sight with a TPD-K1 laser rangefinder and a reinforced upper frontal part.
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